Learn German with us and work as a Nurse in Germany

You are just one step away from finding work as a nurse in Germany.

If you are a registered nurse and have some working experience, then this is your big chance!


✓ Learn german with us, pass your B1 test and we will help you find the perfect job for you.

Connected to a network of big german hospital-groups, you have a lot of workplaces to choose from.


✓ If you are qualified for our scholarship programm, all of this is free for you!

What are you waiting for? Grab the chance of a lifetime and apply now!


Language Courses

✓ Easily learn to become fluent in German from a native Speaker while using the latest teaching technics.

✓ We focus on the most useful terms and phrases for situations of every day life and job

✓ We specialized in teaching German for nurses, but also highly suitable for doctors etc.

✓ We focus on the needs of our students and teach in a light and fun way.

✓ Language Courses are completely free for every scholarship member.


German For Beginners

Learn and understand basic German Grammar, Vocabulary and Conversations.

And learn to already use it for usual everyday situations.


Foundamental German

Fully understand relevant sentences and frequently used expressions.

Learn to talk and understand about personal information, directions, shopping and other useful daily routines


Intermediate German

Understand and answer the main points in every often used conversations at work and in your daily life. 

  Learn to describe future goals, past experiences, feelings etc. and express reasons and explanations.

B2 Pflege

Advanced German 

 Learn and understand all the necessary skills for working as a German Nurse.

Communicate with doctors, patients, pharmacists etc. on a professional level.

Write and understand complex text about patients, medication or on a private level.

The full A1-B1 Course for beginners


Pass German B1 with us in 3 / 6 months:


1. Besides the job: 3 hrs | 4 days / week | 6 mon.

2. Intensive Course: 5.5 hrs | 4 days / week | 3 mon.


$ 1,899

(336 hrs Language Course and test preparation)

The additional B2 Course


Pass German B2 with us in 1 / 2 months:


1. Besides the job: 3 hrs | 4 days / week | 2 mon.

2. Intensive Course: 5.5 hrs | 4 days / week | 1 mon.


$ 599

(160 hrs Language Course and test preparation)






-Proof of being a registered nurse

-At least 1 year of working experience

-High English Language skills and affection in learning german

Alles klar? Then your chances are very high for a scholarship.

What are you waiting for? Apply now!

2. Language School German Courses

Learn German A1 - B1 with us online. We have 2 models:

-3 months intensive courses (5.5 hrs per day / 4 days a week)

-6 months courses beside the job (3 hrs per day / 4 days a week)

3. German Level B1 Test

We will make sure that you will pass the B1 level test in German.

For most employers the B1 certificate is already enough.

In some cases should they require a German B2 certificate,

you could undergo for another 1 or 2 months B2 preparation course.

4. Choose your Employer / Interviews

We will schedule you with different hospitals, nursing homes or clinics so you have a chance to choose which opportunity you like best.

And don`t worry, we will help you to prepare for the interview.

5. Approbation Period / Work in Germany

The approbation period is where you already work as assistant nurse.

Additional training to familiarise yourself with working in Germany and to get prepared for the last test to be a registered nurse in germany.

This approbation period usally takes 2-6 months.

Your salary here will be at least $ 2,500 monthly.

6. Work as a registered nurse in Germany

You finally made it!

From now on you work as a fully registered nurse.

You will now receive at least $ 3,100 monthly


Proof of being a registered nurse (any country).


At least 1 year of working experience.


Excellent English Language skills and affection in learning German.

No worries!

After your approbation period you can bring your husband/wife and all kids under the age of 18 years.

This is called Family Reunion. The government´s approval of this might take around 6 months.

No there is no age limit.

As long as you have working experience as a registered nurse you can apply.

After passing the B1 test you will be offered several positions in many places all over Germany. The workplaces can be hospitals, nursing homes, health centers or specialist practices. You can choose which one you like best.
Feel free to contact us immediately to help you find the perfect job for you. As a registered nurse with working experience and German B1 level you will definitely find work. No matter of age, gender or which country you are from.

You absolutely should! There is no time to waste, as we both want you to pass the B1 test and work as a nurse as fast as possible.

It is much more effective to learn all of this in a bigger amount of lessons over a shorter time.

Therefore every single lesson counts and is essential for you to pass the test. Also after your lessons you are required to stay interested and try to learn more.

This is a huge chance and needs dedication and effort.


We have two A1-B1 courses to choose from:

Besides the job: 3 hrs | 4 days /w | 6 mon.

Intensive Course: 5.5 hrs | 4 days /w | 3 mon.

Specialization is always a plus.

But even without any specialization, you will definetly find a job and should apply for our scholarship.

Also doctors and other skilled health care workers are welcome to contact us.

No you don`t.

But to be granted with a scholarship it is beneficial if you can show that you are really interested in learning german and already showed some effort to learn basics.

We offer two different kind of German classes:


1. Besides the job

3 hrs / 4 days per week / 6 months

(morning and evening classes)


2. Intensive course

5.5 hrs / 4 days per week / 3 months

As a fully registered nurse in Germany you will get at least $ 3.100 monthly.

With us there will never be any kind of salary deduction like with most agencies in this field.

If you are a registered nurse with a B1 German level we are absolutely sure to find several interesting positions for you.


We work with a big network of german hospital groups, elderely home groups etc. so you can be absolutely sure to find a suitable job.


There are about 350,000 open positions for nurses in Germany until 2030.

You can just send us your CV and we will take it from there.


All your needed documents, visa application and other paperwork, will be taken care of.

Nothing! All costs will be taken care of as a scholarship member.


Unfortunately, for security reasons, we need to take a deposit of $ 500. This amount will be paid back to you right after employment!

We need to take this deposit to make sure the scholarship member will commit to work with us and shows effort in learning German and attends every single lesson.


Without scholarship:

-The A1-B1 course costs $ 1,899 (336 hrs language course and test preparation)

-The B2 course costs additional $ 599 (160 hrs language course and test preparation)


All additional expenses: language course, translation cost, certification cost, flight ticket to Germany, German government charges, and others are also taken care of by us.

Thereby a deposit of $ 500 just covers a small part of all of our expenses and is only required to make sure you take this opportunity serious enough.

There is full recognition, and partial recognition.

Full recognition means you are a registered nurse in Germany.
Partial recognition means there are relevant differences between your qualification and the German reference position.

In this case, you will get the full recognition after completing the approbation period of 2-6 months.

Of course you are also treated the same like any other nurse working in Germany and get the same salary.

No worries, your tickets will be paid by your new employer after hiring you.

Interested?   |   Apply now!




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