-Proof of being a registered nurse

-At least 1 year of working experience

-High English Language skills and affection in learning german

Alles klar? Then your chances are very high for a scholarship.

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2. Language School German Courses

Learn German A1 - B1 with us online. We have 2 models:

-3 months intensive courses (5.5 hrs per day / 4 days a week)

-6 months courses beside the job (3 hrs per day / 4 days a week)

3. German Level B1 Test

We will make sure that you will pass the B1 level test in German.

For most employers the B1 certificate is already enough.

In some cases should they require a German B2 certificate,

you could undergo for another 1 or 2 months B2 preparation course.

4. Choose your Employer / Interviews

We will schedule you with different hospitals, nursing homes or clinics so you have a chance to choose which opportunity you like best.

And don`t worry, we will help you to prepare for the interview.

5. Approbation Period / Work in Germany

The approbation period is where you already work as assistant nurse.

Additional training to familiarise yourself with working in Germany and to get prepared for the last test to be a registered nurse in germany.

This approbation period usally takes 2-6 months.

Your salary here will be at least $ 2,500 monthly.

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